2 comments on “M&L Dream Team is no nightmare

  1. I have nominated Hai 5 Cheese for the Versatile Blogger Award. You cover a great range of topics with quality writing and definitely deserve it. As a side note, what were your overall impressions of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team? Did you like it? Favorite in the series?

    • I’ve been busy with a couple of other jobs lately, which means I haven’t had time to post anything in quite awhile. Thanks for the nomination.

      On the topic of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, I felt the series returned to the roots of Super Star Saga. Even though the world wasn’t completely open, backtracking to previous areas with new abilities or to help fill out the tactics to achieve items gave the game a boost in replay value. It’s similar to the backtracking in Master Blaster or the original Metroid — not a ton, but enough to remember playing through it earlier. I wish a more difficult mode was available upon starting the game for the first time (not as difficult as the hard mode upon seeing the ending though) as the game seemed to be rather on the easy side, especially when the temptation to abuse the retry upon a game over was available.

      Overall, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is my favorite in the series. It was a very enjoyable experience that will be tackled in hard mode after trying to clear more of my backlog of DS, 3DS, PS and PS2 games. If I had to compare the games to each other in the series, it would be the following:
      Dream Team > Super Star Saga = Bowser’s Inside Story > Partner’s in Time

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