4 comments on “Odyssey welcomes casual players with fourth entry

  1. I have Etrian Odyssey II. It’s DS-chewingly difficult. I can’t remember a time I was so frustrated at anything, much less at a game.

    • I actually bought the second one after it was suggested. I loved it. I went online to find more and was able to track down the other two through Gamestops in the area (this was before the reissue, so getting these games for less than $15 apiece was quite a deal compared to the $30 plus online). After playing all four of them (or at least trying them out) the fourth one plays the best as it looks like with every entry the average gamer is considered more and more. Sadly, I have had to switch to casual mode when going after the boss after exploring everything else. I always switch it back afterward to keep the intensity up while exploring.

  2. I went in to the demo for Etrian Odyssey IV with the hopes of getting sucked in, but I didn’t like the way traversal played out. However, I do like some of the concepts in it, such as the five-person party and doing your own mapping.

    • I will say, the series is not an easy one to be sucked into. Knowing what the special moves do and how effective they are makes a huge difference. I’m still playing through. Casual play is really the way to go for newcomers, but the series does require lots of grinding regardless.

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